With the Fast and Share and share and you will be much faster, the files are on your Android-powered smartphone

Quickly share your files...

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Google is developing a new way to share files between two Android-powered smartphones. The new, Fast and Share it is the successor to the Android Beam, and it is an alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.

Quickly share your files

Fast Share by 9to5Google spotted that the beta version of Android and 10.0 ( ● ). The function of the files, notes or links to the parts of an Android-powered smartphone in the near vicinity. On the basis of the bluetooth connectivity and location data, is to see if there is a device there and then, with a few simple taps something with each other, you can share it.

9to5Google reveals how they have this feature enabled, but eventually it would have to be under settings – > Google – > Fast and Share. However, a t the site a lot of screenshots of the Fast and Share. In these examples, it is seen that the function is to search for devices of a same device, the Pixel 3, the iPhone, and the smartwatch to pick up. May be not, therefore, include only files with an Android smartphone to share with you.

Also, share the Fast network Share is not running

If someone is doing something with your device and would like to share, you’ll get a notification and then you can either accept it or reject it. Also, is it possible to get the preferred visibility setting for the devices where you have regular files etc. Thus, it is to your latest operating system that the devices are always available, if you’re in the area, even if you have a Fast network Share is not active for you.

The Fast Share, and is the successor to the Android Beam. This feature was used in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been introduced in order to transfer files and folders between devices, to share. This was, however, something other than a File Share. With Android Beam were two of the phones are connected via nfc, and using wi-fi direct, the file has to be send. This is a relatively complex process, because first of all, permissions, and connectivity should be set up. The Fast Share, and make it easier to create.

Fast Share, for the previous versions of Android

As it stands now, it is Fast, Share a feature that relies on Google Play Services, which means that it is not dependent on the Android the Q. you May find this function so well on devices with older versions of the windows operating system. Most likely we will hear from in August or september, the more about it, such as Google, the final version of the Android operating Q is introduced.

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