Apple Opens App Store to Third-Party Developers Under EU Pressure

This marks a major concession from Apple, which has fiercely guarded control over its App Store till now
16:54 28 January 2024

7 apps that will help you build your brand reputation

The general perception that the public has for a brand is termed as brand reputation
20:29 30 December 2023

Unlocking the Future: Navigating Cryptocurrency Wallets and Recovery Services

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, the secure management of digital assets is paramount.
12:26 12 December 2023

Bose Unveils Headphones with Spatial Audio Support

Bose has introduced updated versions of two of its products - the full-sized Bose QuietComfort Headphones and the Earbuds
15:56 17 September 2023

Power Puzzles: Uncovering the Battery Capacities of the Entire iPhone 15 Lineup

No significant increases. iPhone 15 and 15 Plus
15:52 15 September 2023

Motorola's new module supports satellite calls and text messages

Motorola manufacturer of mobile devices offers support for satellite communications
10:24 26 August 2023

VW ID.5 review: Hey good lookin

Volkswagen, like Audi, has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to its mid-sized SUV. Sitting in the so-called C segment - the biggest selling segment ...
10:36 24 April 2023

Google rolt Android-beveiligingsupdate juli uit: deze smartphones krijgen ‘m als eerst

Android-beveiligingsupdate juli 2019 nu beschikbaar...
23:20 14 April 2023

Google rolls out Android security, July, from: smartphones are getting it as a first

The Android update is July of 2023 is now available
23:10 12 April 2023

Huawei mag door: 11 vragen over updates, Trump en meer beantwoordt

Huawei verbod gestopt: 11 vragen en antwoorden...
21:50 9 April 2023

it is now a good idea to have a Huawei ascend smartphone to buy?

Through the eye of a needle
21:40 7 April 2023

The 5 best Android games of July: Harry Potter series, Minit, and Dream of Daddy

The best Android games of June, 2019 at the latest...
18:40 3 April 2023

De 5 beste Android-games van juni: Harry Potter, Minit en Dream Daddy

De beste Android-games van juni 2019...
17:20 1 April 2023

Fiat Ducato Electric has a driving range of 360 miles

It comes out in the course of 2020 for the market...
15:00 28 March 2023

Samsung brengt Galaxy A80 met kantelende camera uit in Nederland

Samsung Galaxy A80 kopen: dit zijn de beste aanbiedingen...
14:20 27 March 2023

Renault Clio met F1-tintje beschikbaar

Renault heeft de orderboeken geopend van de Clio Renault Sport F1 Team
14:15 26 March 2023

Samsung Galaxy A80 by tilting the camera off to the Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy A80 buy: here are the best deals...
14:10 25 March 2023

5G-versie Huawei Mate 30 verschijnt in december

De release van Huawei’s volgende vlaggenschip, de Mate 30, heeft mogelijk een kleine vertraging opgelopen
12:50 22 March 2023

Overzicht: de beste Belsimpel-aanbiedingen op Huawei, LG, Oppo en meer

Overzicht: de beste Bizarre Belsimpel Dagen-aanbiedingen...
12:50 20 March 2023

‘5 G-version of Huawei ascend Mate is 30, will appear in december

‘Huawei ascend Mate in 30, release may be delayed’...
12:40 19 March 2023

Best mobile phone and Sim-only deals 2023 - Which?

OnePlus's 5G flagship phone of 2021 can now be found at an attractive discount. It's feature-packed, with a large battery, fast processor and it's 5G ...
10:30 15 March 2023

Iedere zondag selecteert Android Planet de beste Android-apps

Ook deze week zat er weer genoeg moois bij. Dit zijn de beste Android-apps
18:50 10 March 2023

New Details Emerge on MIR’s Spirometer Product Line

MIR, the Russian manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic equipment, recently unveiled new information about its updated line of spirometers
9:38 6 February 2023

De beste hints en aanwijzingen van Wie Is de Mol?

Laden Sie das neueste Update herunter erhältlich bei Play Store app. Google Android Kostenlos
10:30 25 November 2022

The 4 best Android apps in the google Play Store from the week

Every Sunday, select the Android, the Planet, the best Android apps, updates and games from the Google Play Store
18:40 30 June 2019