Power Puzzles: Uncovering the Battery Capacities of the Entire iPhone 15 Lineup

No significant increases. iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

No miracles happened, and the early rumor about a significant increase in battery capacity turned out to be false. This became known thanks to the certification bodies in China, where new devices from the iPhone 15 lineup appeared in their database.

  • iPhone 15 iPhone 14 Stated Battery Life
  • Base 3349 mAh 3223 mAh 20 hours
  • Plus 4383 mAh 4325 mAh 26 hours
  • Pro 3274 mAh 3200 mAh 23 hours
  • Pro Max 4422 mAh 4323 mAh 29 hours

The actual capacity of the new batteries is as follows:

  • iPhone 15 — 12.981 Wh;
  • iPhone 15 Plus — 16.950 Wh;
  • iPhone 15 Pro — 12.7 Wh;
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max — 17.109 Wh.

There is an increase compared to the previous generation, but it is so insignificant that these numbers can be considered within the margin of error.

This answers the question of why the declared autonomy of the new lineup is identical to the autonomy of the old lineup. However, there are still questions. For example, it is unclear what happened to the energy efficiency of the Apple A17 Pro: it was made using a 3nm process, while the A16 Bionic used a 4nm process. In theory, this should have had a positive impact on increasing battery life while maintaining the same performance, but something seems to have gone wrong.

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