Google rolls out Android security, July, from: smartphones are getting it as a first

The Android update is July of 2023 is now available
The Android update is July of 2023 is now available
Where can I get the update?

A new month, a new update. Google has a patch in July to be released for all to use Pixel smart phones. Do you have any other brand of mobile phone? Then, you have to be patient.

The Android update is July of 2023 is now available

In total, close to that the update of 33 security vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. It’s really not a lot. The patch from april-closed, for example, 89 me. The most severe vulnerability allows for an attacker as possible, in order to be on the phone to break through to a set of data to be transmitted. As usual, there will be no victims, and is, therefore, a hypothetical situation.

Even if Google makes a separate update of its own Pixel-based phones, including the new Pixel, 3-a and 3-XL. In total, there are 5 improvements have been made. To listen I am more towards the “Ok, Google”command for Google’s Assistant, and the safety and security of your unit is increase. It is also a problem where some of the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 of the XL devices during the startup process sometimes continued to hang out.

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Where can I get the update?

True to tradition, brings to Google, the update is the first of its own Pixel cell phones. After this phone’s software to prepare it for their own devices. Usually, it is Essential for the entertainment to get the patch to apply. Also, Nokia phones are quickly updated.

Do you have any other brand of smart phone? There is no other option than to be patient. Of popular smart phones from Samsung, Sony, and usually within a few days or weeks, but if you have an older or cheaper model, this can last for months.

Alternatively, a manufacturer may choose to make several monthly updates to the bundle as a package once a quarter to make. Among others, Motorola packs in a lot of phones in this way. Android on the Planet and the places we regularly update a list of smartphone which is an update to be had. This kept up to date? Download free Android Planet app, or sign up for our email newsletter.

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