‘5 G-version of Huawei ascend Mate is 30, will appear in december

‘Huawei ascend Mate in 30, release may be delayed’...

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With the release of Huawei’s next flagship model, the Degree of 30, it may be a little late. Now the manufacturer is back in business with the American companies allow the release, however, it is not too long to wait.

‘Huawei ascend Mate in 30, release may be delayed’

The Huawei ascend Mate is 30, with 5 g of the support as of december, Russia is to buy the manufacturer itself confirmed it. At an event attended by the Russian media and it company its 5G plans, with a variety of smart phones, which support the technology are scheduled for the next few months. The fold-out Huawei ascend Mate in X, appears earlier, and is starting in september in the Russian shops.

This is quite remarkable, as the Level of the last year, in October and november and was released. The Huawei ascend Mate is a 20, it was last year, on the 16th of October was presented and it was from the 2nd of november in the uk for sale. If the message is correct, the Level is 30, so a little later than any of his predecessors. If the Degree sequence is in fact more at a later stage, that is most likely to be caused by the ban against the Smartphone.

Ban, leaves traces

At the end of may, it announced that as president He imposed sanctions against Huawei, which U.s. companies such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel has no business near to the company. This had a Smartphone it would no longer have all of the hardware and software required for the production of smartphones and tablets. The ban on this weekend’s grotens removed, which Ascend to the back to pick up. However, it is not inconceivable that, if the Level set in the meantime, the delays have been.

Huawei brings out is expected to be at least four versions of the smartphone. In addition, the Huawei ascend Mate is 30, there is also a 5G version of it. The Huawei ascend Mate 30 Is Pro, and Level 30 Is the Lite should also be on the agenda. The first Level 30 And the Pro with specifications that have recently uitlekten, suggesting that the device is a larger 6,71 inch screen, four cameras in the back, as well as a faster charger.

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