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Exit polls: Netanyahu short of majority in Israel vote

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an edge over his main rival in Israel’s third election in under a year, exit polls indicate...
0:00 3 March 2020

Reordered Democratic field to test Sanders in California

LOS ANGELES — Four years after a bitter loss in California’s presidential primary, Bernie Sanders is banking on a comeback that could be a capstone mo...
23:55 2 March 2020

Scientists meet in Havana on diplomats’ mystery illnesses

HAVANA — Some scientists who gathered Monday for a two-day conference on the mysterious illnesses suffered by U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana sa...
23:40 2 March 2020

ECB’s Lagarde: ‘Ready to take targeted action’ on economy

FRANKFURT, Germany — The head of the European Central Bank said Monday that Europe's top monetary authority is ready to take “appropriate and targeted...
22:23 2 March 2020

Dustin Johnson decides against playing in the Olympics

On the fence about the Olympics at the start of the year, Dustin Johnson decided he won't be going.
21:33 2 March 2020

Prosecutor: Ex-convict was in bed with victim when arrested

NEW YORK — An ex-convict accused of forcing young women he met in his daughter's dormitory into prostitution or forced labor after winning their trust...
21:32 2 March 2020

A hot summer ahead for boxing’s heavyweight division

Boxing’s heavyweight division will be heating up even further this summer, highlighted by a third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder and Anth...
21:13 2 March 2020

Buttigieg’s White House bid ensures place in LGBTQ history

NEW YORK — A divisive debate over same-sex marriage animated the 2004 presidential election as voters across the country approved constitutional amend...
20:31 2 March 2020

Snowy Wyoming highway pileup kills 3, injures dozens

RAWLINS, Wyo. — At least three people died and dozens were injured in a pileup involving more than 100 vehicles amid blowing snow that closed part of ...
20:30 2 March 2020

Apple to pay up to $500M over battery-related phone slowdown

SAN FRANCISCO — IPhone owners could get $25 from Apple after the company agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle claims over intentionally slowing ...
20:28 2 March 2020

LA district attorney sorry husband aimed gun at protesters

LOS ANGELES — The first black woman to lead the largest local prosecutor's office in the U.S. apologized for her husband pointing a gun at Black Lives...
20:26 2 March 2020

Alaska Airlines drops sponsorship of Iditarod sled dog race

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Airlines confirmed Monday it will drop its sponsorship of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Alaska’s most famous sporting e...
20:13 2 March 2020

Putin’s new amendments revere God, ban same sex marriages

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday submitted a slew of new proposed amendments to the country's Constitution that include a mention o...
20:01 2 March 2020

Kansas unanimous No. 1 in Top 25; Baylor down 2 spots to 4th

A string of losses to unranked opponents led to upheaval in the AP Top 25 this week.
19:26 2 March 2020

‘Inside the Actors Studio’ host James Lipton dies at 93

NEW YORK — James Lipton, longtime host of “Inside the Actors Studio,” died Monday, his wife said.
19:10 2 March 2020

Zamboni driver unlikely to spur NHL to change goalie rule

BOCA RATON, Fla. — NHL general managers seem unlikely to suggest changes to the emergency backup goaltender policy, even after 42-year-old Zamboni dri...
19:03 2 March 2020

Opera union board member alleges cover-up in Domingo scandal

SAN FRANCISCO — A senior member of the main U.S. union that represents opera performers resigned Monday, accusing the leadership of a cover-up in its ...
18:09 2 March 2020

South Carolina, Baylor, Oregon still lead women’s Top 25

NEW YORK — As women's basketball teams finish up their regular season and turn their attention to the conference tournaments, South Carolina, Baylor a...
18:06 2 March 2020

5 key questions ahead of critical Super Tuesday primaries

DENVER — Tuesday is the biggest day of the primary calendar, when 14 states from the Atlantic to the Pacific vote on the Democratic presidential nomin...
17:32 2 March 2020

Milan residents banned from semifinal match at Juventus

ROME — Residents of Milan will not be allowed to attend the Italian Cup semifinal match between Juventus and AC Milan at Allianz Stadium in Turin on W...
16:45 2 March 2020

Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools

TOKYO — Keiko Kobayashi brought her 7-year-old son to her Tokyo office on Monday after his school, like most others in Japan, suddenly closed for four...
16:11 2 March 2020

Bon Jovi’s David Bryan on Broadway again, livin’ on a prayer

NEW YORK — He looks like a rock star — rail-thin with long flowing hair. But rock stars aren't supposed to be on time, rip up their songs without a fu...
16:09 2 March 2020

Pass-rusher Ngakoue no longer wants to re-sign with Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Standout defensive end Yannick Ngakoue no longer wants to sign a long-term deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
14:19 2 March 2020

Ecology and kinetic styles grace Paris Fashion Week shows

PARIS — Models wearing animal outfits joined the finale of Stella McCartney's fur-free and leather-free show Monday, as the British-American designer ...
13:34 2 March 2020

Ride with Jake: Burton impact felt over bittersweet weekend

VAIL, Colo. — One of Jake Burton Carpenter’s earliest sales trips didn’t work out so great. He loaded up his station wagon with 30 freshly built snowb...
13:33 2 March 2020

Market mood turns sour over virus after temporary relief

LONDON — Mounting concerns about the economic impact of the new coronavirus outbreak saw gains in European stock markets wiped out Monday despite hope...
12:55 2 March 2020

What’s Happening: Virus hurts handshakes, elections, Louvre

PARIS — The new virus is entering new territories, from megacities to seaside villages, and casting a fast-growing shadow over the world economy. Here...
12:21 2 March 2020

Child dies as migrants rush to cross Greek-Turkish border

KASTANIES, Greece — Greek police fired tear gas at migrants trying to push into Greece from Turkey through the land border Monday, and a child died wh...
11:38 2 March 2020

Italy’s health system at limit in virus-struck Lombardy

MILAN — The coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy has so overwhelmed the public health system there that officials are taking extraordinary measures ...
11:26 2 March 2020

Japanese justice official visits Lebanon over fugitive Ghosn

BEIRUT — Japan's deputy justice minister met top officials in Lebanon Monday over the case of former Nissan’s fugitive ex-boss Carlos Ghosn who fled t...
11:10 2 March 2020