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Iraq official: US troops from Syria to leave Iraq in 4 weeks

BAGHDAD — U.S troops withdrawing from northeastern Syria to Iraq are "transiting" and will leave the country within four weeks, Iraq's defense ministe...
10:23 23 October 2019

Hong Kong government withdraws bill that sparked protests

HONG KONG — Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday withdrew an unpopular extradition bill that sparked months of chaotic protests that have since morphed ...
7:22 23 October 2019

Body of missing Alabama girl found; 2 being charged

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Investigators searching through garbage found the body of a 3-year-old girl who was missing more than a week, and authorities are c...
6:28 23 October 2019

Is the stethoscope dying? High-tech rivals pose a threat

CHICAGO — Two centuries after its invention, the stethoscope — the very symbol of the medical profession — is facing an uncertain prognosis.
5:37 23 October 2019

Blood guacamole: In Mexico, avocados bring income, cartels

SAN JUAN PARANGARICUTIRO, Mexico — Small-scale avocado growers armed with AR-15 rifles take turns manning a vigilante checkpoint to guard against thie...
4:00 23 October 2019

US diplomat: Trump linked Ukraine aid to demand for probe

WASHINGTON — A top U.S. diplomat testified Tuesday that President Donald Trump was holding back military aid for Ukraine unless the country agreed to ...
1:27 23 October 2019